The Fine Science of Sauning

To get the most out of sauna, you need to know how to use it.

saun (v.), “to have a sauna”

For example:

  • “Are you sauning in the morning?”
  • “I’m freshly sauned”
  • “After a busy morning, she sauned pleasantly all afternoon”
  • “Happy sauning!”
  • “Saun well my friend!”

Modelled on the Finnish verb saunoa, “to have a sauna” – but let’s make it our own in English and get it in the Dictionary by 2025!  Make sure you use the term in online communications.  It’s much nicer than “saunaing”.


This page is dedicated The Fine Science of Sauning – the idea that sauna enjoyment is enhanced by a range of tricks, strategies, and techniques.  One of the hallmarks of a Saunatarian is that you get the most out of each sauna by paying attention to detail and by preparing cleverly.  You love sauna so much that you enjoy thinking about it from every angle.  You’re committed to constantly improving your sweat routine to get more out of it.  Sauning is an art as much as a health habit.

The Fine Science of Sauning also portrays the richness of sauna culture around the world by documenting all manner of customs that people have developed throughout the ages (for example, see this great post about using freeze proof faucets to enjoy cold water all year round  – courtesy of our friends over at

A further aim of The Fine Science of Sauning (in line with the overall goals of The Saunatarian) is to promote greater levels of excitement about sweat bathing by empowering people to relax better – with more confidence and expertise.

Stay tuned for the following updates:

  • How to Have a Sauna:  The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
  • Summer Sauna: How to Use an Ice Bucket at Home
  • The Rag Above the Door: Notes on Ventilation of the Sauna
  • Sets and Sessions: Introducing Some New Saunatarian Slang
  • Yeahu, Cowboy!: The Importance of Taking Breaks Between Sets


In the meantime, The Fine Science of Sauning kicks of with a STATEMENT OF POSITION on three important topics:

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