Sauna and Human Health

The news is old.  Sauna not only feels amazing (it’s possibly the world’s best natural stress relief) – but it’s also incredibly good for your health.  This traditional knowledge has increasingly been confirmed by scientific studies over recent decades.  This page is dedicated to documenting all such studies about the positive role of sweat bathing in physical and mental health.
Collecting this knowledge is crucial for making arguments to states and regulatory bodies to support the construction more sweat bathing infrastructure in human society – one of the key aims of the Global Saunatarian Movement.


Anybody who loves sauna will tell you – you feel incredible afterwards.  But unlike most pleasures, sauna is actually good for you.  It’s like the best kind of drug, with no negative side effects.  And indeed, evidence is increasingly mounting that it’s positive for your health.

More studies will be documented in coming posts, but for now take a look at a summary of the latest study about the potential correlation between regular use of sauna, decreased risk of cardiac disease, and longer life.  (The study itself is here.) As always, correlation is not causation – one must be responsible in how these studies are cited – but it’s encouraging to say the least, and in the world of terrible health habits it’s another reason to put faith in the power of the heat.


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