Mobile Saunas – sweat anywhere!

Did you know that MOBILE SAUNAS are a thing? Well, they are! And once you start looking, you’ll find an amazing variety of contraptions. Honestly, the things people come up with. It’s brilliant! READ ON to learn more.


Mobile Sauna book - Kärlis Otto Kälnins | BC Mobile Sauna Society

Mobile Sauna book –  Kärlis Otto Kälnins, 2013  (BC Mobile Sauna Society |  |  @saunasessions)


I don’t currently own a mobile sauna – but that’s something I plan to change in the next 3-4 months.  There’s plenty of options.  You can search online for ideas – see below for some links.  Or you can do yourself a favour and get a copy of Mobile Saunas: a compendium of modern nomadic sweats by Kärlis Otto Kälnins, 2013.  I got a copy about a year ago and I LOVE it.  Each time I look at it I get new ideas.  I forget half the pictures and get reminded of what is possible.  You can see most of the saunas on the BC Mobile Sauna Society website.  Good work guys!

I’m hampered by the fact that I don’t have a workshop or any building experience.  Good news is that my partner and I just got a 26 acre rural property, so the building will commence shortly.  Can’t wait.

But in the meantime, I plan to acquire a mobile tent sauna.  I saw it in the mobile sauna book, then realized that you can buy it online!  Here’s a pic from, one of a couple of places that sell them.  They have a few varieties, but this one looks great – good for at least 6 people.  It’s the MB332:

MB322 - 2

MB332 tent sauna WITH COVER (from



MB322 tent sauna CROSS-SECTION (from

MB332 tent sauna CROSS-SECTION (from


Now, these things are pretty expensive – the MB322 retails for CA$2899 (although it includes shipping within North America).  But you need this specially designed fabric – a normal tent will catch fire! – and the heater integration would be very hard DIY.

And if you had one, you could sweat almost anywhere!  Here’s my ideas for how to use it:

  • I want to start an annual Saunatarian holiday called “Shvitzmas” – held in the middle of winter.  Dates TBC, but the first Australian Shvitzmas will be on June 25, 2016.  It will be held at a Sydney pub/venue called The Vic on the Park, which has an awesome outdoor area.  The centrepiece will be a mobile sauna parked there from 10am-10pm (I hope an MB332!).  Sauna Party all day!  There’ll also be a sauna hat making table, plus a range of other festivities.  It’s a totally unique social event and people are going to love it.
  • As mentioned, I just acquired a 26 acre rural property.  It’s 3 hrs from Sydney near the vibrant wine-growing town of Mudgee.  Tourism is booming there – I plan to introduce people to the mobile sauna!  I even want to start The Mudgee Mobile Sauna Muster.  It could happen in July 2016, but might wait until 2017.   It would be like the Deni Ute Muster, only mobile saunas!  The weather gets VERY cold in rural Australia, but pretty much no one has a sauna.  It’s not in the culture.  I want to change that!!   A mobile sauna is perfect equipment for thermovangelism.  Spread the good heat!
  • Australia is famous for its beaches.  In winter, it’s totally possible to set up a mobile sauna near most beaches, especially isolated ones (which are easy to find).  But it would also be great to have pop-up mobile saunas at the popular beaches in eastern Sydney – loads of people are there, and it wouldn’t be hard to convince a few people at a time.  Oh the adventures.


That’s just three ideas for how to use a pop-up tent sauna.  How would you use a mobile sauna?  Comment below!

Here’s some pics of the Teuva Mobile Sauna Festival in Finland:

Mobile Sauna Festival in Finland



Spread the good heat