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Hi, I’m Jack Tsonis, and I’m a Saunatarian.  That means that I don’t just like sauna – I treat it as a way of life.  You can read my conversion story here.

I’ve started this blog to inspire more people to become Saunatarians.  I’m a thermovangelist.  I want to spread the good heat.  Humanity needs it.  

You can be a thermovangelist too.  

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In this absurd world, sauna is something positive to identify with.  It doesn’t clash with any ideology, and doesn’t require any metaphysics of good and evil.  It simply makes you feel amazing.  It’s both incredibly relaxing and incredibly healthy – a rare combination!  Exactly what we need in a world of fast pace, fast money, and fast food.

In this absurd world
sauna is something positive to identify with

Sauna is like lazy, luxurious exercise – or even better, a combination of exercise and meditation – but all you have to do is sit there.  Whether solo or with friends, it’s blissful and serene every time.  Letting clouds of hot vapour roll over you is about as close to non-religious transcendence as you can get.  The traditions are ancient for a reason.

Sauna is like lazy, luxurious exercise
– and all you have to do is sit there!

However – if you are like the majority of the human race, then you don’t have enough saunas or steam baths.  You don’t seek them out enough, and you don’t realize that it’s something you should do more often.  This isn’t a personal fault – but it’s something that should change.  Saunas and steam rooms are everywhere – all you have to do is start using them.  And if enough people use them, more will be built.  Supply and demand my friends!

But you probably don’t have enough saunas
(or steam baths)

Therefore …

The ultimate aim of thesaunatarian.org
is to spark


A health-based social movement
dedicated to improving human well-being
everywhere on the planet

A social movement against the insanity of the world
And a demand that humanity be allowed to relax.  

We must spread the good heat! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

More on the revolution later.  In the meantime, the website has a number of aims:

1.  The key challenge is to get more people excited about sauna.  Although it’s a global tradition, too many people I speak with haven’t actually tried it properly.  They have usually hit the heat at a gym or holiday resort, and often they even enjoyed it – but they don’t understand the potential.

2.  To get people excited, the site contains different types of content:

  • Personal experiences in the form of travel stories and sauna tips that display the richness of global sauna around the world – and how you can be a part of it!  Honestly, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do.
  • Book reviews and surveys of academic literature on sauna – with a focus on history and cultural studies (Coming soon)
  • Interviews with people from around the world – proprietors, authors, bathers, and other interesting figures.
  • And lots of social media – Instragram most days of the week, plus regular chatter on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.  Be sure to keep in touch!  Stay tuned for a big social media drive mid-2016.  Subscribe to be part of it.  

This will be huge.  Get on board early 


3.  This site is also the official starting point of THE GLOBAL SAUNATARIAN NETWORK.  The Global Saunatarian Network will soon become a large online community, with a forum to share ideas and advice, and to find sauna buddies when travelling.

  • The GSN will also work towards listing every public sauna on earth in a searchable database called The Global Sauna Directory.  This could be a reality by 2020.  


All of this will speak the revolution into being.



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And if you’ve come this far, you should read this evocative call to arms by Sigfried Giedion, which I hereby co-opt as the first
Official Saunatarian Declaration:

Sigfried Gideon, Mechanization of the Bath

The revolution needs you