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You may know sauna as one of Finland’s favourite pastimes – you might also know it as the only Finnish word in the English language.  You probably know that many cultures around the world have their own equivalent to sauna, and that traditions of sweat bathing have ancient roots wherever they exist.

You might have even been in a sauna – perhaps you’ve been in many.  You may know perfectly well why the practice is so widespread.  You may have felt the blissful tingle.  You may understand the power of the heat – the regeneration, the relaxation, and the spirit of friendship that make sauna so beloved around the world.

You may have felt the blissful tingle

Sauna is this much indeed, but it can be more: not just a part of culture – but a way of life.  Not just a pleasant activity, but a daily ritual of replenishment.  Not just something you enjoy, but a burning passion that structures your identity, your time, and the way you look after your body.

In a world of greed and brutality – where our bodies are increasingly a tool of profit for others – more people need this passion.  That’s what this blog is about.

More people need this passion

We can’t change the global structures of power, at least not without a war or revolution that would probably be just as bad.  But we can escape the madness more effectively.  And sauna is the way.

Deeply relaxing, highly pro-social, and astonishingly good for human health – sauna and steam are under-utilized sources of joy in the vast majority of human societies.  The technology is simple.  With the right priorities, there could be a free public bathhouse in every neighbourhood on earth.  A sauna in every stressful workplace.   A steam room in every hospital, and in every airport.   Just think of the possibilities!   

We could all be living with less stress.  But freedom is only won when people demand it.

We can’t change the world
but we can escape the madness more effectively

This blog is grounded in the principle of THERMOVANGELISM – spreading the good heat.  It seeks to educate and inspire.  A website is not a sauna – but it can get you excited about having one.  Too many people are unaware of the power of sauna – this can and must be changed.

Sauna is not a religion.  It’s a non-exclusive lifestyle choice.  Will you join?

Here begins the #GlobalSaunaRevolution!

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